How Your Kelowna Roof Affects Your HVAC System

The HVAC unit keeps your home cool and comfortable by squeezing heat and humidity out of the air. If you are struggling with high cooling bills because of various system strain, then the actual culprit might be the roof.

These are a few ways in which your roof can make your HVAC system work harder.

Heat Absorption

If you have worn dark shoes on a hot day, then you will understand that dark colors absorb heat and retain it more than light colors.

When it comes to your roof, the same concept is valid.

If a roof is covered with dark asphalt shingles, it will absorb the heat into the attic space. It passes down the weather from the attic to the living space in your home. The result is that the air condition is working overtime to cool the living areas.

You can try roofs that reflect heat to create a cooler attic and home. The best option is a reflective metal roof which will prevent the sun’s heat from entering your home.

One-Way Heat Transfer

Heat naturally enters your home through some roofing materials, and this will make your AC to work overtime.

Heat also builds up inside the attic space because of the high outside temperatures.

The best option to keep the attic cool is to buy roofing materials which will reflect heat was coming in from the outside and also release the heat trapped on the inside. Re-emissive metal roof surfaces will take care of both.

The absorbed solar radiation in your attic is released back to the outer environment, and the direct rays of the sun are reflected.

Invest in Radiant Barrier

A radiant barrier will assist you to save money if your HVAC ducts pass through the attic or a crawlspace.

The exterior heating which suffocates your attic can cause the ducts to lose the cold air meant for your living space.

The cold air will remain unimpaired and be delivered to your rooms by installing the right barrier on the ducts.

Have Attic Ventilation Inspected

Attics are cooled by creating a draft which pulls in fresh air along the eaves and releases it through vents at the highest points. If ventilation is not adequate, the heat will become oppressive and will be allowed to sit in the attic.

It will harm the efficiency of your HVAC unit and can heat your shingles from underneath.

The relation between your roof and your air conditioning bill may not seem important at first, but the roof your house has will make a big part of how hard it is to cool your home.

Investing in a green roof which is energy efficient will help you save money through the year by lowering utility bills.

The roofing material may cost a bit high when you have it installed at first, but it is worth more when you think about how it will help you lower utility bills and increase the life of your air conditioner.

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