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Hot Water Tank Installation & Repair Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody

For residents of Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, or Port Moody, Burke Mountain Plumbing & Heating provides exceptional hot water tank heating services. Their expertise and experience in the home heating industry allow them to help customers find the perfect and most cost-saving hot water tanks for their homes or commercial buildings. Whether you are looking for new hot water tank installation, repair services, or even just general information, call Burke Mountain today at 778-848-1456.

Hot Water Tank Choices for your Greater Vancouver Home

The use of warm water is common in almost all homes in British Columbia. This raises the need to use the best techniques available to have warm water in the most convenient and economical way. With research being conducted, the need to conserve the environment has been a major priority. The use of natural gas heaters has been the most preferred method in Canada to provide warm water without harming our environment. What distinguishes most homes is the presence or absence of hot water tanks. There are two systems with one having a storage hot water tank and the other without.

With a Storage Tank

The traditional natural gas heating systems with storage tanks have had their fair share of challenges. The space occupied by the tanks is quite huge and, with the modern Vancouver home designs, it might be difficult to accommodate them. Furthermore, water is prone to leaks. This may cause great damage, not be forgetting it is still hot. The regular hot water tank repairs are hectic and costly. More to this, they do not have a long lifespan and thus would need replacements or re-installation.

Without a Storage Tank

The tankless natural gas water heaters come to the rescue with a solution. Known for their long-term energy savings, the system costs less to maintain, and the need to repair is decreased. This means that, after your initial installation, it will serve you for many years without difficulties and breakdowns.

Another great advantage is the availability of unlimited hot water for your Port Coquitlam home. Though the amount will be determined by the flow, the delivery will be indefinite. With efficiently controlled temperature, safety will be guaranteed thus lower temperature levels and spikes. The systems are also known to save on space. This is especially convenient for people living in smaller Vancouver condos or commercial buildings. Since the systems can be mounted on the wall, they will take less space, while at the same time reducing the risk of water damages such as leaks.

The tankless system also carries some disadvantages. Top of all is the installation cost and the startup delays. It requires professionals to install as it is difficult to do it yourself. Furthermore, there is the ready-use issue that most home-owners in Vancouver are aware of. When one turns the valve off for a moment, “they expect to get hot water immediately but this may not always be the case on turning on.” according to the plumbers at 24/7 Drainage UK.


All in all, you should go for what fits your purpose best but most importantly, consider the size and requirements of your Vancouver or Port Coquitlam home or commercial property. Nonetheless, speaking to a home heating professional is the correct first step so call the experts at Burke Mountain Heating & Plumbing at 778-848-1456 to get started.


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